415421_10151384518945478_1831451193_oI am an academic and activist focused on exploring issues of gender identity and sexuality from an intersectional femininist perspective. My work touches mostly on representations of transgender characters across forms of contemporary media (especially film and comics). I am also interested in the visuality of race and gender in historical literature; I have the greatest familiarity with the early modern period.

I am a member of the MA program in the University of Calgary’s Department of English, and will be starting my PhD at York University in September 2015. My current capstone project consists of a semiological analysis of gender in trans webcomics and in 2014 I wrote my undergraduate thesis on hierarchies of femininity in transgender road movies.


This website is based on the “Atomic” theme by Kyle Gabriel. My header image is “Gender Norms? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gender Norms!” by kaptainkobold via Flickr.



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